Hazardous and Toxic Chemical Waste Removal

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All disposers of Reportable Priority Waste ( formerly known as Prescribed Industrial Waste ) must register on the new Victorian EPA Portal . This new Portal has been in place since 1 July 2021. Registered users of the old Portal cannot transfer to the new Portal so you will need to register again. Go to www.epa.vic.gov.au go to Portal -how to Sign Up and follow the steps. You can call us here at Envirostore if you have any questions although the EPA staff are able to help and there is a lot of downloads explaining it all.

Envirostore Chemical Consulting is an environmental services business offering advice and consulting on chemical waste disposal, dangerous goods and hazardous substances, with an in house training centre and dangerous goods warehouse facilities.

Envirstore Chemical Consulting have a specialised service for schools, see more…

Envirostore is licensed by Vic EPA for the receival and treatment of reportable priority wastes; for a disposal quote you can either download our blank manifest form, fill it in and email back for a same day quote or call us to discuss your chemical "problems". Or contact us via email.

Victorian Chemical and Waste Removal

Envirostore Chemical Consulting operate anywhere in Victoria and will provide a professional and friendly waste management service. Old chemicals, redundant chemicals, unloved chemicals, surplus chemicals -we specialise in chemicals.

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